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Why Choose Jung Ko Taekwondo Academy?

Why choose our school?

1. World Class Instructors

Led by Grandmaster Jung Ko, our school is committed to teach focus, confidence, and respect through the martial art of Taekwondo. We have a high instructor to student ratio to ensure  a high quality of instruction. Our team of professionals are patient and enthusiastic, and teach with a perfect blend of discipline and fun. Our instructors are dedicated to helping all students achieve their best.

3. Special Events throughout the Year

In addition to our regular classes we host numerous events for our students, including our Halloween party, school picnic, tournament, demonstrations and children’s birthday parties. Over the years we have built a strong sense of community through these events and we invite you to join our Jung Ko Family!

For more information, contact Jung Ko Academy at 905-886-7753 or write us at

2. Flexible Schedule

We realize that today’s families have busy schedules, and adding something new may be challenging. That’s why we’ve designed our program with flexible class times, in order to accommodate as many people’s schedules as possible. We offer numerous Children, Adult, Family, and tiny tigers classes seven days a week, at varying times

4. Positive Atmosphere

One of the things we hear time and again is compliments from parents of our welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. We encourage you to visit our school and see what a difference a positive learning environment can make for your family.

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