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After School Taekwondo Program

After School TKD



It is recommended that children get 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Unfortunately, most schools do not provide this and have gym class only twice a week. Here at Jung Ko, you can be rest assured that your child will be getting the right amount of exercise and homework time, all while having fun at our martial arts after school program!

The After School Program is a unique alternative to managing your child’s day to day schedule.  This innovation program offers children the chance to get acquainted with martial arts while complimenting their ability to acquire and learn important developmental and academic behaviour. 


Some of these refer to character building, time management, social development, and how to prioritise  things they need to be responsible for such as homework, study habits etc.  It also measures the child’s ability to recognise life skills that include the benefits of completing what you start and being rewarded for various achievements. All the while they are immersed in environment that creates each child to aspire to the various belt ranks.

Complimentary transportation is provided by picking your child up from school and bringing them directly to the studio where your child is greeted by Tae Kwon Do staff.  Children are then introduced to a basic regiment of placing things in their locker, and preparing to complete their homework and of course are encourage having a snack, participating in a Tae Kwon Do class.


The environment encourages development in time management, interpersonal skills, social development, camaraderie and respect among peers and authority figures. Due to the nature of this program, space is limited and inquiries are encouraged in advance of starting back to school.

+ Brownridge P.S

+ Steelesview PS

+ Lester B Pearson

+ Rockford PS

+ Avondale PS

+ Louis Honore Frenchette

+ Finch P.S

+ Yorkhill PS

+ Pleasant P.S

+ McKee P.S.

+ Churchhill PS

School not listed here? Please contact us with your school name to see if it is within our pick-upboundaries!

What are the benefits of joining our program?

  • Pick Up From School

  • Homework help and tutoring

  • Quiet and private work environment

  • Fun games and activities

  • Taekwondo class included 7 days a week

  • ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME (beginner – black belt)

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