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Tiny Tiger Tot's (3-5 years)



Despite what you may believe, it is actually common for parents to introduce their child to the martial arts at a young age.  There are amazing benefits associated with children who are introduced to cooperating in a group setting during the preschool years. Although children that engage in a structured practice benefit from socially appropriate behaviour and physical and mental development, not all children are ready. This balance is gauged through a trial class to ensure you and your child will benefit from our instruction. By assessing your child we can better gauge whether or not it’s appropriate to involve your child then or at a later age.

Our goal is to excite and encourage children not discourage them or create negative feelings. If required, more than one class can be taken to establish the instructor and the parents confidence in the continuation of further classes. Tots classes focus on the following areas:





Junior Program (6-12 years)

The junior program a dynamic  balance of physical drills and skills coupled with the appropriate emphasis on required curriculum to allow children that attend on a consistent basis and advance to the next level. 


The students learn kicking techniques,  patterns and self-defence manoeuvres for general scenarios. Of course they are also are also exposed to the sport side through the vigorous exercise as well as depending on the level a proportionate amount of learning the sport aspect by sparring.

Sparring is geared to enhance timing, leverage increased reaction but should  be thought of as sport over a fighting technique. We believe fully in using the martial arts for self-defence only, never to be used on the schoolyard or street to harm others.


The competitive nature of the sport is open to students that wish to pursue it through tournaments, which can be discussed with instructors on how to further training and direct them appropriately.





Teen & Adult Program (13+ years)

Our classes are exciting, rewarding and results oriented!

As a teenager or adult participating the classes you can expect to experience a highly dynamic class setting that will challenge you to be at your best physically and mentally. You will be encouraged to strive for your personal best!


Learning at your own individual pace we are committed to everyone  developing in a progressive  and exciting environment.

This allows you to enjoy establishing personal goals for you to achieve. Of course we will monitor your progression to be sure you’re where you should be based on attendance and participation. We offer the following classes to help you achieve your goals:




Family classes

Have a child already registered or interested in joining? Come do a class together in our family class! Offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Respect, trust and open communication are the foundations of strong families. Taekwondo training promotes values such as honesty, courtesy, loyalty, and cooperation. Each is an essential component in maintaining a good family structure. We have special family rates as well to make training together an affordable dream!

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