Safety is our #1 Priority

As of August 4th, 2020 we have reopened our school to our members and the public for in-person classes. We diligently follow the latest updates from federal, provincial and municipal public health guidelines, as well as recommendations from our Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) Taekwondo Ontario for the latest safety guidelines.

Download our full safety plan

Please see our protocols we follow to safely operate our classes so you can feel confident to train in our facility:

Protective Protocols


  • All students attending in-class sessions are required to wear Taekwondo shoes, indoor gym shoes or grip socks. You CANNOT enter the gym with the same shoes you walked in with.


  • All students are required to be in FULL uniform

  • Students will maintain a 2m (6ft) distance while in the common areas, and 3m (9ft) distance while in the gym. 


  • Students, parents, visitors and staff are required to wear a mask in the common areas as per the York Region Bylaw. Read our PPE policy here. Masks are optional inside the gym while participating in physical exercise.


  • Students are required to pass a health questionnaire upon booking and temperature check before every class. Any parents or caregivers who enter the facility will also receive a wellness screen.


  • Only 10 students maximum are permitted in each class. The class must be booked in advance on our online portal - NO WALK-INS.


  • There will be a 10 minute break between classes for sanitizing and disinfecting the dojang.


  • Students will be required to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the class.

School Etiquette

  • Our drinking fountain and change rooms will not be available until further notice. Please come changed and ready for class, use the bathroom before arriving and bring your own water. Washroom will be available for emergencies only.


  • Non-member spectators will not be permitted to enter the facility, except by appointment only.  Parents will drop off their child to our "Entrance" door and pick up at the "Exit" door on a timely manner. If necessary, one parent/guardian is permitted in the viewing area for young children upon wellness check.


  • Students will be released from the dojang one-by-one to their parents in the hallway to avoid crowding. Parents and caregivers should be punctual during pick up time.


  • There will be a shoe cubby at the back of the gym for students to keep their outdoor shoes while in the class.


  • We will not be performing any sparring or drills that require close contact with another student.

If you are not comfortable coming into the gym yet, but still want to learn Taekwondo or continue your training, we have an excellent online training program. You can join the class from the comfort of your home, for more information click here.

Revised November 17th 2020